Get it out - Then get it done

February 2015 · 2 minute read

Over the years I’ve had a few core beliefs form over one simple topic - complaining.

To me complaining and venting is fairly unavoidable as there are those times when people make choices that in no way seem like a good idea and then direct the outcomes at you. The venting I think isn’t entirely a bad thing as it’s good to voice frustrations and if there’s a sympathetic ear listening and nodding you don’t feel quite so alone about it all.

The one major thing for me is that I have come to see complaining as a fairly weak activity. Complaining doesn’t solve problems. It just brings light to them and often in a dramatised way. What I find myself doing is recognising how truly weak I sound and as a result wanting to change my tune to a position of strength with “lets fix this”.

As much as I said the complaining part is weak, I feel like the frustrations that boil up and boil over have become a trigger for me to take action. If I didn’t boil up I wouldn’t feel as immediately inspired to do something about the problem. Sure its a mind game I play with myself but I’m happy to play it if the outcome is productive.

I recommend thinking about it next time you’re venting to a colleague, once the words are out, what are you going to do about it?