February 2015 · 1 minute read

For the first time in a long time I was listening to a podcast and had to listen to one line over and over again.  The podcast was Ari Meisel of Less Doing interviewing Laura Coe of Emotional Obesity and the line was Laura saying:

…I really felt chronically stressed because these successes were not coming from my authentic self, it was coming from what I had learned…
Laura’s words and the remainder of the podcast were really powerful to me as for the majority of my younger life I let emotional state, impact and limit my ability to succeed. That things changed was a side effect of being pressured into change and then later in life taking a more proactive stance.

I’m keen to look deeper into Laura’s work because realistically, to be the most effective, most productive, healthiest person I can be, does come back to emotional health as much as anything else.