Tag prefixes in Evernote

January 2015 · 1 minute read

So as a very quick tip, whilst it makes sense to file a note away under a folder, the power of sorting in Evernote really comes from Tags as you can file information away under multiple associations.

Reading articles such as the Evernote article on tags I spotted people using a prefix on their tags (in most cases a full stop) and didn’t really think much more on it until reading through some productivity books.

I realised shortly after that prefixes on tags are the best way to leverage Evernote’s autocomplete functionality and I’ve not seen people leveraging this enough. I’ll explain how.

For me in my system the full stop represents a description tag. Something like .Notes, .Work, .Productivity. By typing the full stop in the tag field I see these instantly pop up separate to the other types of tag I have. I have another tag collection called Projects and this section has the caret (^) prefix. Putting this together, when I’m using the tag field I can type .N to pick .Notes and then ^E to pick ^Evernote quickly combining different types of tag.